Worm Tea

Aerated Compost Tea is made from Vermicompost and water which goes through a gentle aerating process. Worm Tea will increase species diversity of leaf, stem, flower, seed-surface and soil microorganisms. These microorganisms will select, eat and destroy the disease-causing pests and organisms in the soil and on the plant.

Benefits of using Worm Tea for foliar or root applications:
Boosts plant’s immune system suppresses foliar diseases and interferes with pathogens trying to infect the plant tissue.
Food resources in the tea allow the beneficial microorganisms to grow and protect the plant.
Soil structure is improved. Water retention and oxygen reach the root system and increase root depth.
Nutritional quality of the plant is enhanced.
Worm Tea is applied as a foliar spray with a large or small sprayer, remember to saturate all plant surfaces. Do not apply in direct sun. Soil Amendment application should be applied to wet soil; use ¼ cups or more depending on plant size and needs.
Information provided from The Compost Tea Brewing Manual by Dr. Elaine R. Ingham.