Why Do I Use Worm Tea


Why Do I Use Aerated Compost Tea? ANSWER: It’s the BIOLOGY, adding organic life to the soil, improving soil structure, water retention, root depth and growth. Aerated Worm Tea is a “cold-brewed”, water extract of compost produced during a 24 hour aeration cycle. The microbes extracted from the vermicompost contain a large diversity of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes, without these microbes you just have Dirt! This BIOLOGY is important to the soil, they help convert raw soil into readily available forms that roots can absorb including nutrient retention and oxygen, preventing production of toxins and increasing plant health. The more ‘alive’ your soil is the better nourished your plants will be. Aerated Compost Tea does not contain chemicals including N-P-K which deliver simple “quick fix” nutrition and do nothing to help restore essential nutrients to the soil in a natural way. Feeding this Living Soil with Compost Tea encourages vigorous growth, including the nutritional quality of plants, flowers and produce.

Benefits of Aerated Worm Tea:

Microbes eat Aphids 

Microbes occupy Infection/Damaged areas helping to prevent attack by pathogens 

Food Resources in Compost Tea allow beneficial microorganisms to grow, protecting plant surfaces 

Safe to use around Children and Pets

   Information compiled from: The Compost Tea Brewing Manual and The Field Guide II for Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) by       Dr Elaine Ingham