Microorganisms Nourish the Earthworm


Microorganisms living on organic waste nourish the worm rather than the original waste we provide for the worms. Think green mold, white powder and soft, smelly rotten stuff.

As the earthworm eats the organic waste and microbes they promote further microbially activity and produce a richer fragmented product than the original waste they consumed. As the waste is consumed, plant nutrients particularly N, P, K and Ca are released and converted into forms more soluble and readily available to plants. This all happens quite rapidly by passing through the gut of the earthworm in just a few hours. Vermicompost is ready to use when you can no longer recognize its original form. Finished vermicompost should have a dark consistency and smell like clean, sweet and wonderful soil. Remember you only need to add 5-10% vermicompost to your new and existing plants.

**information compiled from Vermiculture Technology edited by Clive Edwards, Norman Arancon

and Rhonda Sherman. c2011  (pages 80-81)