Shall I MIX or TURN my Vermicompost System?


Stirring up the worms in their bin is a bit stressful to the wigglers. In my case, I have no choice but to stir them up when filling a worm order. This gentle disruption in their bedding will slow down their mojo but not kill them. Luckily for worm enthusiasts, the worms and the beneficial microorganisms do most of the turning and mixing. In a healthy bin the multitude of microscopic critters and worms are aerating by creating pockets of air while they move throughout the soil looking for food. This natural mixing of the soil and air allows the beneficial microorganisms to grow and flourish prior to becoming food for the worms, which in turn help the worms make wonderful vermicompost.




If your bin starts to smell bad, do not add food for 1-2 weeks,  it will be necessary for you to gently stir and aerate the soil in order to keep a healthy, active and thriving community of worms and microorganisms.