Tomato Hornworm is a Caterpillar

These florescent green worms with white v-shaped marks on the side become full size at 3-4" long. I discovered my first ever Hornworm last summer basking on a tomato leaf in the sun. They make their presence known by their black frass (droppings) on the foliage or around the base of the plant. The activity they seem to be most known by is their voracious appetite. They will munch entire leaves, small stems, eat parts of the immature fruit and can defoliate a plant in a few days. If caught early, your plant will recover. They may also be found on eggplants, peppers and potatoes. Organic Control: pick it off the plant as soon as you discover it. A bowl of soapy water will finish it off as well as squishing it or as in my case, I tossed it on the gravel and the Yeloow Jackets fisnished it off.