Worm Condo works for you--Instructions

The "Worm Condo" is considered a flow through vermiculture bin or "continuous flow system". It will help save the task of labor and time in separating worms from the finished material.

Set aside all wine boxes except one for later use.  TO SET UP: fill one of the wine boxes half full of moist bedding. Start off with strips of paper soaked in water for about 15 minutes; you can also add brown leaves, cardboard, 2 handfuls of soil, compost, non aromatic sawdust, coconut coir, coffee grounds to this mix as desired. Place the worms and any bedding they are packed in, on top of this bedding in a lighted space to encourage them to go down into the bedding immediately. Small amount of food may be added at this time. The smaller your food is cut up, the quicker decomposition will take place encouraging the worm's interest in the food. Cover the food with another layer of paper or cardboard to discourage flies. Lightly moisten the top layer, (worms breathe through their skin and require a damp home). It is important to leave a light on above this wine box for the first 48 hours to discourage the worms from crawling out when dark. They are highly sensitive to the light and will stay down in the bedding. After this initial 48 hours the lid may be placed on this box. Slowly add small amounts of food weekly, followed by a layer of bedding and keep moist. The worms will continually work and eat their way in the top several inches. When the worms, food and bedding reach the top of the wine box it is time to place a 2nd wine box above the first one and begin to feed the 2nd box only. The worms will move up into this new box to eat when their soil is in direct contact with the screen from the 2nd box. Do not overfeed and keep moist. Repeat with the 3rd and 4th boxes as each wine box fills with vermicompost. After several weeks most of the worms will have vacated the first wine box, leaving it full of vermicompost that can be emptied and used in your garden soil and potted plants.